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Rob Williger@robertwilliger · CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
I just signed up and listened to a couple of the recommended ones such as Tom Peters and Seth Godin. I really like the interface, the organization by topics and the experts, and the overall simplicity. The idea of being able to get short little bits of information is wonderful with the amount of content out there.
Rajesh SettyMaker@rajsetty
@robertwilliger Thanks for the encouraging note here, Robert. It has been 15 months of non-stop work from the team. You made their day. Warmly, Rajesh
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
AHHHHHHHHH... Why is this not available worldwide? I could not download it from Australian Play Store.
Rajesh SettyMaker@rajsetty
@saijo_george Sajjo, It should be available anytime now. Can you try going to the store directly: Android | iOS | Warmly, Rajesh
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
Hi @rajsetty , it is working now.
Rajesh SettyMaker@rajsetty
@saijo_george Awesome. Kindly let us know your feedback.
Subodh Kolhe@subodhkolhe
What advice specifically will users be able to seek?
Rajesh SettyMaker@rajsetty
@subodhkolhe Thanks for the question. Currently we are organized on the following topics: Help me... -Serve My Customer (Customer Service) -Capitalize on Social Media (Social Media) -Find a Great Job (Job Hunting) -Live Well ( Health and Wellness) -Advance My Career (Career Growth) -Be a Great Leader (Leadership) -Become a Better Person (Self-Improvement) -Build Professional Relationships (Networking) -Grow as an Entrepreneur (Entrepreneurship) -Grow My Business (Business) -Innovate (Innovation) -Manage Effectively (Management) -Market Effectively (Marketing) -Maximize Sales (Sales) We have over 100 experts who have provided as more than 2,000 insights (95% exclusive to us) on these topics. The free version comes with 5 to 10 insights from each expert. Hope this helps. Warmly, Rajesh
Subodh Kolhe@subodhkolhe
@rajsetty Loving this already :) This app is definately going to find a spot on my home screen.
Rajesh SettyMaker@rajsetty
@subodhkolhe You just made our day :)
Michael MartinMaker@mikem_martin · CEO, Audvisor
@subodhkolhe the advice is currently all professional from NY Times Authors, award winning speakers etc. download the app - you won't be disappointed