Audrey 3.0

Edit photos using your voice

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David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
this should be baked into apples os...
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas SheriffMaker@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@passingnotes YESSS ;)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
@nicholassheriff tell us about the latest updates :)
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas SheriffMaker@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@bentossell Hey Ben :) thanks for's always an absolute pleasure and honor to be here connecting with you all. Audrey 3.0 represents the next evolution in not simply photography but more computer vision. Computer vision should be a magical freeing experience giving the user more control of the value they are after for the next billion people coming on board to mobile computing environments. Statistically women represent 90% of the photo & video market and globally they use 3-5 applications to edit and spend upwards of several hours editing photos. That adds up to real time taken from a persons life to simply edit photos the same way they do with photoshop, the same way we have always done. What if you could simply speak naturally to your iPhone and simply tell it to adjust, fix, correct absolutely anything and in seconds, not minutes not hours have the results you were after. All without lifting a finger...we know this is the future and we are committed to making it exceptional. With Audrey Voice a grandmother can take a photo with Audrey knowing nothing about photography and say it looks grainy or I can't see my face and our computer will fix the issue for her. Or a pro photographer can take command of our advanced computational brain and tell the noise to be reduced by 30% or to lower the contrast by half. All using the natural language we all this is a user interface that then is designed entirely by each and every user, we are all uniquely creative and these tools should celebrate this in how we experience time. This is our commitment to this vision. Voice is buggy, it is a MVP at best but we are a 2 member team committing to a huge undertaking we have weekly update.
Julian Ozen
Julian Ozen@the_jozen_one · works @awscloud
@nicholassheriff @bentossell Hey, is there any videos of this working? This is a cool idea
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas SheriffMaker@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@the_jozen_one @bentossell video is coming soon we're working on an update of our algorithms that power this....stay tuned. ;)