Audrey 2.0

DSLR-like photos from your iPhone

Just downloaded the app. Played a bit. Works amazing. UX is great and all controls are in right place. The in-app help was a great surprise and useful. Overall nice product. Congrats!
@vadivelk Thanks Vadi :) lots of sweat and tears has gone into crafting this perfectly and we're just getting started. So glad you enjoy the in app messaging, our users absolutely love it and we have some fun things in store for that around creative inspiration and 30 second courses.
@nicholassheriff I can see the sweat. Worth it. One thing i noticed was there was a little confusion whether the photo clicked are made into gallery. Not sure you have that feedback already.
@vadivelk 😉 say thatagain...sorry do you mean weather the photos taken go inside the gallery? Or how to push them out to the camera roll? We have't made major updates to the gallery ux still working on a few other improvements but a whole revamp is in the works
We believe every great product that sows seeds of innovation has at its core a mission of incrementally adding value. Our mission statement as a company is what we are about it's why we built Audrey. "To empower and strengthen our connection toward each other by fostering delightful experiences around technology." And that's it...delightful experiences, how many of you have been to a basketball game, a birthday party, been apart of any of life's beautiful moments and though "man I forgot my big bulky Cannon DSLRL camera" and at that point simply took out your phone and snapped a picture. That's our goal to simply make that experience the absolute best nothing less, welcome to a new standard in mobile photography. ....any photographers here: email me I'd love to connect :D Note there is a bug with the in app purchases we are aware of and have fixed ( waiting for Apple to approve the update ) - here are screenshots of itunes connect, apptimize, and app store page...they are free the $2.99 text is just text we do not charge you anything.
Interesting UX - does the view expand to full view?
@chakkaradeep It will..we're working on that actually for release very's tied to landscape mode that we've been putting the finishing touches on in addition to making it work for portrait.
This is going to replace VSCO on my phone! Awesome work @nicholassheriff 😸
@suparchie 😄Glad to hear it Archie btw message me on twitter with your apple id email so I can invite you to test out 3.0 it's incredible.