A new standard in DSLR quality mobile photography

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;) just gonna leave this here...( 9 promotional tokens - UPDATED!!) Hey there hunters...ha I'm a little sleepy so excuse any grammatical errors on my part probably due to my face hitting the keyboard ha it's 4am in SF. What my company...what I am all about is to simply empower and strengthen our connection toward each other by fostering delightful experiences around technology. That's where my passion lies.... The reason why I choose Photography was that I am passionate about creativity I've contributed a lot of my effort toward being a creative. ..and allowing people to first and formost capture and easily share moments in their lives that touch them while making the very same people understand that they are smarter, and more imaginative and creative then they ever realized was the driving force between Audrey What is Audrey? It truly is a new standard in DSLR quality mobile photography. What's important is DSLR quality and expectation with an emphasis on mobile. What makes it better than anything else? We are developing...still in development ( this is really version 0.001 beta ) a more intelligent contextual algorithmic approach to how a mobile computing device can act like a DSLR and go beyond by truly understanding Photography. So that an everyday person can capture memories like a pro with minimal effort...and a pro can take control of Audrey's exceptional brain at will using an intuitive and fun to use interface. So this is just the beginning? YES! We'll have 5 updates out within 2 weeks and that's just within 2 weeks. So why should I care? You already care...the fact that you're an owner of a little mobile computer that fits in your pocket and you don't walk around with a digital camera anymore is proof of this. The best camera is the one that's always with you and we want to make this experience the best its ever value a lot of attributes the iPhone offers. One that is simply great is the hardware aspect of the is incredible, what has been increasingly lacking yet full of potential has been better software...intelligence to manage the #1 camera in the world. It ends tonight.
I'd love to check this out!
Ahh all the tokens are taken! Thanks for sharing!
@nicholassheriff thanks! Someone already used it though :( if you have a moment to email me that would be great! Regardless though thanks for posting that.
@kevinfischer Hey Kevin Aw sorry about that I'm going to send you one shortly I'm actually at the zoo right now. Shooting with Audrey
@nicholassheriff thank you! Let me know if you need a Beme code.
@kevinfischer My man!!! Yess I dooooo
Would love to try this out. Who doesn't love free stuff? :P
@_shahedk ha token coming your way :)
It would be cool to have some photo comparisons of Audrey photos vs. iPhone native camera app to see the differences.
@allany888 yesss we're currently working on it we have 20 professional photographers and armatures like my girlfriend and myself shooting. From those we'll showcase on the app store, on our instagram and official website ( in dev )