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Christian Brink
Christian BrinkMaker@christian_brink1
Hello Product Hunt world! We launched Audm last August, and since then we've built a user base of over 10,000. Most of our users aren't in tech, though. The truth is, we've been a little shy with tech folks. Startupy people are all about podcasts, not audiobooks, right? And Audm is a lot closer to audiobooks in some ways. But we've been learning that people who love podcasts can turn out to love Audm too. People who love audiobooks *especially* do. We're even loved by a few people who never listen to any other kind of digital spoken word content. It takes all kinds. We're eager to know what you think. Please help us spread the word!
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler@benjamin_wheeler · Teaching and making tech. Indie hacker.
As an Android user, I haven't had the chance to try Audm yet... but I have several friends who found it independently, and are huge fans!
Nathan Bashaw
Nathan Bashaw@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
I love Audm!
Christian Brink
Christian BrinkMaker@christian_brink1
@nbashaw ❤️
Justin Megahan
Justin Megahan@justinrmegahan · Marketing, Mixpanel
Huge fan of Audm. For the past few years I've really enjoyed the "immersion reading" experience from Amazon of reading a Kindle book while listening to the audiobook. Audm brings that experience to the best pieces of long form journalism from the best publications. After going through the free trial, the upgrade to premium was an easy call. Great product.
ryanMaker@ouegner · Cofounder, Audm
Two more things to note about Audm: 1. We use the best audiobook narrators in the business. 2. Here is a list of our current partners (more to come soon!) * The Atlantic * Foreign Policy * The New York Review of Books * Outside Magazine * ProPublica * London Review of Books * Aeon * Epic Magazine * Pacific Standard * Guernica * World Policy Journal * The Bitter Southerner * The Marshall Project * The Millions * The American Scholar * The Morning News