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Audlist is a social network focused on audio. We want to be inclusive and make audios as easy to post and use as videos are today! Use Audlist and share your best moments!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone, My name is Will and I'm the CEO of Audlist. Me and @rafaelmhp (my co-founder and CTO) created Audlist because we felt that a social connection was lacking when using new audio techs such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Airpods and etc. We wanted to create easy way of listening and creating experiences with audios that are not yet available. We are building Audlist and in the future will have audio commands, voice to text technologies and much more! Happy to answer any questions and listen to feedbacks!
Impressively designed to be the next big thing, as we are starting to move to audio-centered experiences in many applications. Very well thought with a straight-forward user interface. As their motto states, just record yourself and start being heard at the same time you can get in touch with like minded people through podcasts, audio blogs, voice broadcasts, and many more.
The UI is elegant and the app works well. I talk a lot to some of my friends about which podcasts we each listen to, and the social parts of this app would make it a lot easier to share with them.