Emoji’s you can hear!

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ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
Hey community! I am excited to bring you this cool new take on emojis! Created by the young entrepreneur Mercer Henderson. Cute factor: has an advisory board with three of her best friends (the company she created is called 4 Girls Tech.) Audiots is an iOS app that mashes together sound and emojis. How it works: Download the app and load the Audiots sound Emoji Keyboard. Pick your emoji with professionally recorded sound bites. The person on the receiving end does not have to have the same keyboard to receive the sound emoji. Audiots was created by full time 7th grader Mercer Henderson, who performs with musical theater companies in San Francisco and New York, speaks Mandarin, plays sports and is a top student. The name Audiots comes from combining audio and it [emojis]. New in recent update: 20 new emojis Record Your Own Sound emoji! Coming Soon: Multi language roll out - 10 emojis with Spanish, 10 with Mandarin (the kid is fluent in Mandarin)
lisaVP Salesforce
super fun. i like the record your own feature but nothing beats the kissing sound. super cute
Jessica NaziriTech reporter
Super fun and cute idea. Insert kissy face emoji [HERE] plus the actual sound effect of a kiss