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Shaun Newsum
Shaun NewsumMaker@snewsum
Hey Product Hunters, Shaun from AudioShot here. We're excited for everyone to check out our new way to share music. The goal was to make sending music as easy as sending a photo to a friend. AudioShot is an iOS keyboard. It works in any messaging app and with most of the popular music services. (Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Rhapsody, Rdio, etc...). Right now, you will need to be a Facebook user and be publishing your listening activity. You can search for music to send or browse music you have recently listened to from the keyboard or within the standalone app. I posted links in the "Related Links" section, with how-to on installing the keyboard and connecting your music service accounts. Looking forward to your feedback! Special thanks to @yoroomie and @rrhoover to helping us get posted.
Jonathan Libov
Jonathan Libov@libovness · I can lift 100 lbs. right over my head
It just occurred to me that iOS already supports split-screen multitasking that people have rumored about. They're third party keyboards.
Shaun Newsum
Shaun NewsumMaker@snewsum
@libovness Hopefully, once users get pass the hurdle of installing the keyboard (first-time) should see much higher trends. Also maybe Apple makes it easier install custom keyboards down the road in newer release. thanks for the write-up btw! cheers.
Alysha Light
Alysha Light@lightalysha · FLIGHT PR
@libovness @snewsum I installed the keyboard easily and wouldn't say it was a hurdle. It was faster than I thought.
Brian Yu
Brian Yu@barelyanything · Product Designer, 9GAG
Seeing a lot of cool keyboard on iOS side! Hope to see more for android as well!
Shaun Newsum
Shaun NewsumMaker@snewsum
Working on a Android version too!