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We’re trying to fix podcast discovery because right now, it’s broken. We’re launching — a full-text search and discovery engine for podcasts — to Product Hunters first because we know lots of people in this community who are hungry for podcasts, and we want to help you find more of them. And we’d really, really love your feedback. At, you can search for words, phrases, people, topics, shows, or pretty much anything you want to find in podcasts. You can tweet exact moments from your favorite episodes, create playlists, sign up for audio alerts, and get related podcast recommendations for any given episode. We’ve limited our scope to podcasts on SoundCloud for now, but we’re taking suggestions! What are we missing? We’ll be answering comments all day. Holler at us anytime.
@annewootton congrats on the launch! what are your top 5 favorite podcasts? :)
@annewootton I was just about to send you the link then saw you as the maker! Yaay! Quick one, how do you determine what to index? Can people submit links to be indexed because I am thinking you will be limited to podcasts in your sphere. Or do you automatically index anything on SoundCloud labelled "Podcast"? Great job! We need more intelligent podcasts and less funny vines.
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik! Are you baiting me to rep the Product Hunt podcast? Just kidding. Currently, based on my most frequent recent listens: Reply All, Invisibilia, Love + Radio, Slate Culture Gabfest, StartUp. And Popcast, the latest from Pop Up Archive, which features amazing short archival audio clips from NASA to Sylvia Plath! Around the office we find ourselves talking about The Heart and Planet Money a lot too. And these are obvious choices, but This American Life and Serial are all-time favorites.
@oothenigerian Hi Oo, thanks for the kind words! Right now we've limited the index to top-performing podcasts on SoundCloud, but it might expand from there. You can definitely submit links to be indexed, whether to or through the comment form on the website. Please do!
@annewootton maybe. LOVE the reply-all guys @pjvogt, @agoldmund, cc @ablexlumberg @mlieber
Very cool, I only wish they had a more complete database of results (although this is a great start) and the UI was cleaner. Example use case: see who and which shows are chatting about the Apple Watch, Product Hunt).
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks! We're taking suggestions of shows to add — anyone can email or suggest things directly through the comment form on our site. You can also sign up for audio alerts, i.e. "apple watch" or "product hunt" (feature coming soon). In terms of UI: is there anything specific you could do without? What don't you need to see? Representing audio and time-based text is tough — our work is surely far from done.
I've been following what Popup Archive is up to for a bit, and I was initially drawn in by the prospect of getting transcripts for my podcast (Longform Podcast) which has been a consistent (and heretofore expensive) challenge. Our podcast is amongst the early set that they've been search archiving and I've already found it quite useful to be able to search among my own episodes, as well as see what other shows future guests have been on previously. We put together a 100th episode clips show last year and this search function would have saved us many hours. I only see this become more useful as the number of high quality podcasts swells and is able to catalog most (or even all?) of them.
@aaronlammer Thanks Aaron! Glad to hear you're finding it useful so far. Would love to know instances where the search functionality is letting you down. It sounds like you're mainly searching for people by name, whether to find instances where they are talking or being talked about on other shows. Anything else?
Phenomenally smart team of WOMEN building a badass product that solves a real problem & opens a massive new market opportunity., Great early B2B traction. Proud to be 500 family with Bailey & Anne.
@cynthiaschames Aw shucks, Cynthia. We're blushing. Thank you!
The speech-to-text engine seems amazing. I thought this tech was deemed to be edgy, you proved me wrong :) Do you intend to support video search as well ? I can't tell how many times it took me minutes to skip into a video in order to find that specific time when they were saying "this" or "that" (this definitely looks like something that could be acquired by google/youtube :) ).
@oelmekki Thanks! Yeah, we were actually quoted in 2012 saying the speech-to-text tech would never get there. Happily, we were incorrect about that — proved ourselves wrong. We get asked about video all the time. It's on the table. But we're focusing on spoken word/audio for now.