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Anne Wootton
@annewootton · CEO, Audiosear.ch
Spencer, thanks! Stay tuned. We're working on the API. Would you like to use it?
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Anne Wootton
@annewootton · CEO, Audiosear.ch
We’re trying to fix podcast discovery because right now, it’s broken. We’re launching Audiosear.ch — a full-text search and discovery engine for podcasts — to Product Hunters first because we know lots of people in this community who are hungry for podcasts, and we want to help you find more of them. And we’d really, really love your feedback. At Audiosear… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Very cool, I only wish they had a more complete database of results (although this is a great start) and the UI was cleaner. Example use case: see who and which shows are chatting about the Apple Watch, Product Hunt).
Aaron Lammer
@aaronlammer · Co-founder, Longform
I've been following what Popup Archive is up to for a bit, and I was initially drawn in by the prospect of getting transcripts for my podcast (Longform Podcast) which has been a consistent (and heretofore expensive) challenge. Our podcast is amongst the early set that they've been search archiving and I've already found it quite useful to be able to search … See more
Cynthia Schames
Phenomenally smart team of WOMEN building a badass product that solves a real problem & opens a massive new market opportunity., Great early B2B traction. Proud to be 500 family with Bailey & Anne.
Olivier El Mekki
@oelmekki · maker
The speech-to-text engine seems amazing. I thought this tech was deemed to be edgy, you proved me wrong :) Do you intend to support video search as well ? I can't tell how many times it took me minutes to skip into a video in order to find that specific time when they were saying "this" or "that" (this definitely looks like something that could be acquired … See more