A curated audio feed for entrepreneurs

Interesting idea to syndicate and collect interesting podcast/audio interviews for entrepreneurs!
Hi Andy, how are you going to source these? It's a great idea BTW.
@romanzadyrako thanks for feedback. We handpicked every audio.
Great idea, and content looks great so far. I think it would be nice to show an example of the content (maybe just a couple of posts) right on the website without having to click on the channels to see the content.
@mubashariqbal thanks for feedback. Will do it!
Nice idea, but how do you make money off of this? It's nice, but since it's other people's stuff, I can't think of a way of profiting from this at all. It is a good idea though.
@delwilliams thanks for the question. 1. I don't make money right now. 2. I have two requests for sponsorship. 3. I'm going to do an app and have some hypotheses.
Hi, everyone. @bramk, thanks for the Hunt! You know there are a lot of valuable videos (interviews, fireside chats, presentations) every founder should watch to learn, but i think most of them can be listened. I found two ways to do that: 1. Save a video to Pocket app and listen on a background during a day, 2. Convert a video to audio, save to a phone, listen on the go. The second way is more relevant to me, but it needs some time to do all the things. That's why we launched Audioknot — «curated audio feed for entrepreneurs». Right now it's a RSS based audio feed with 2k listeners — you can subscribe via RSS or iTunes. We want to build an app, like Medium for curated audio. So people will choose topics, follow them and get audio directly via automatic download. — And what about podcasts? — We love podcasts, but Audioknot delivers another big part of valuble information from the web you won't find in podcasts. Like «Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address» or «10 things to know before you pitch a VC for by David S. Rose». Thank you @druh_opryshok for your work!