Audiogram Generator

The future of social audio from WNYC

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Alex Carter
Ex Apple Podcasts, 60dB, PH Podcasts 😻
As best I can tell this tool was created by WNYC and open-sourced so that any individual developer or organization can use the technology to make audio more shareable on the web. You can learn more about it here: @nivo0o0 @mscccc @rstankov curious if this would be a tool PH would want to look into for sharing audio on Twitter, etc. =)
Alex SpencerPioneer Square Labs
Awesome product, surely a step in the right direction in making podcasts more sharable and discoverable.
John 커피Content Producer
I looked into this looking for new ways to promote my podcast. Took awhile to figure out how to get it set up, but this has been an amazing tool. You get neat little videos you can post everywhere and even upload to YouTube. It has a steep learning curve, but once it's set up it's pretty easy to use.
DarekDoesStuffMusic composer, @RelaxingSndApp creator.
Can be very useful. I am definitely going to try to compile it. Thank you.