AudioCardio™ is a data and science backed mobile app that aims to maintain and strengthen your hearing. It's a once a day, inaudible sound therapy that can be done while you enjoy other activities like working out, listening to music or even while you work.
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This is really cool! Can’t wait to test it out in detail tonight 🤓 Great work!
Hi Everyone! We're back!!! 🤗 We conducted more than 500 one-on-one user interviews and interactions, did months of product iterations and made some major updates the app! My name is Chris Ellis, CEO and cofounder of AudioCardio. We’re excited to introduce an all new AudioCardio for iOS and the release of our Android app with the Product Hunt Community! 🎉🎊 AudioCardio is a data and science backed mobile app that aims to strengthen and maintain hearing using our proprietary sound therapy. We started AudioCardio with the vision of creating an easily accessible and affordable hearing solution for those in need, while eliminating the negative stigma associated with current solutions. My grandfather was a hydraulics engineer in the Air Force, then at a major airline and worked around heavy machinery his entire life. He suffered from severe hearing loss, but refused to use hearing aids. As one of his caregivers, I witnessed the effects untreated hearing loss had on his life. 🤔 What’s the Problem? 🤔 Hearing loss is an “invisible problem” that affects more than 450 million people around the world and people wait an average of over 7 years before seeking professional help. The underlying issues are the lack of access to affordable solutions and the negative social stigma associated with current solutions on the market. Untreated hearing loss has been associated with many secondary physical and mental health issues ranging from an increased risk of falling to isolation, depression and dementia. 💡 What’s the Solution? 💡 The AudioCardio mobile app allows you to assess your hearing to generate a personalized and inaudible (or barely audible) sound therapy that stimulates the inner ear cells to help promote and support the neural activity necessary to process sound. It is a once a day, inaudible sound therapy that can be done (passively) while you go about your day to day activities like working out, listening to music or while working out. ✨ Major Updates ✨ 📝 New progress tracking metrics and gamification ✅ Simplified hearing assessment and UI 🏠 New home screen 📬 Google login 🔥 Now available on Android! To celebrate, we are offering the Product Hunt community a special code to get a free 30 day trial for the AudioCardio app on both iOS and Android. Use the Code: PHAC30 to redeem your code! Note: After your free trial is completed, you'll auto enroll into the subscription plan you selected. Change or cancel anytime by going to "Subscriptions." Website: Sign Up with Promo Code: Promo Code: PHAC30 Happy Hearing! Media: https://intelligence.wundermanth... Social:
Are you more open to telehealth solutions with everything going on in the world?
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What is a reasonable listening score? I got a 6.4 out of 10.
@abdul_wasay3 We use the score for a baseline number so that it is easier to track your progress over time. Most people are between 6.5 and 7.2 so you are about average. As you use the sound therapy consistently, your score should change when you retake your assessment (once a week or any time the sound therapy becomes easily recognizable). Please let us know if we can be helpful as you use the app. Thanks Abdul!
@chrisjamesellis Interesting Stuff. I have been taking my daily therapy sessions, will retake the assessment in a week. I love how I can listen to other stuff while the therapy is ongoing; I need to read up on how that is possible! Loving the experience so far.
Why isn't it available on Google Play for Brazil? 😥
@maira Hi MaÍra, can you please check again?
@chrisjamesellis still unavailable... 😥