AudioBot converts all of your web articles into audio in a jiffy. Simply paste the article URL and the rest is magic!
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copy 🐈 Blogcast
MacBuilding communities @commsor
@ecowell_solutions Not just a copy of the idea, even the website and logo are far too similar.
Pranav Pai VernekarCo-Founder and CEO at Bolt IoT
I found it to be too robotic for a paid product. Was hoping some thing better. Note: I have only heard the sample offered by the team.
Yoshua KishiADHD/Cognitive Science/Python
The most amazing app I've ever seen.
CA West IVMaker, Tech-Enthusiast.
Hey Everyone, thanks for up-voting AudioBot! Every new user gets 1 article converted for FREE - so please get on AudioBot and check it out. Also, we are pretty excited to tell everyone that articles can be converted in bulk using RSS or by using a Medium username. Also, we offer many different voices, accents and languages (including Spanish)!
Sa3doonLive Is too short to waste.
It was a good test, but honestly it needs a lot of work to.
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