User tracking events that trigger sounds on a dashboard is a live dashboard that lets you hear what your users are doing even while running in a background tab. Over 20 sounds to choose from. 500 free alerts when you sign up!
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Hey everyone. Years and years ago I found this very fun site that let you add code to your site and hear a ding when users triggered code. It was a free site and it was tons of fun until it disappeared. I've always wanted to rebuild it so I could have that same fun feature again. I love adding the code to my sites and hearing users trigger page loads, signups, purchases, and so many more interactions around the site. I think this is not only a smart way to feel closer to your users but a way to keep it fun at the same time. I hope you get a chance to signup and throw some code a site and see how it changes how you interact with the metrics you most care about.
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That chime tho :)
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@tlionelli only 1 of over 20 sounds! I can't wait to add more!
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Congratulations. Sounds Good!
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@siobhana thanks for your support!