Audio Trimmer

The simplest way to trim your audio files

All you need to do is pick your audio file and select the part you want to keep. No need for you to worry about metadata and formats. The app will seamlessly copy the information over to your trimmed file! 😊
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Simple and sleek. Great work. However I wonder why this is still not free (there are a lot of free solutions to this, I believe).
@mrigankpawagi1 Thanks! To answer your question, looking at the Microsoft Store, there doesn't seem to be another "simple and sleek" solution and even if it is free, there are usually ads and/or in-app purchases to unlock features. I thought it would be better if you had everything there from the start with no ads at all.
Great work. i like it.
Thanks for this app.
Love this app.Thanks
My feedback: You can add a feature where the users can see the audio's transcription, which will really help them determining the trim points.
@noorkhan Thanks for the feedback. This is a pretty cool idea! Will definitely look into this. Hopefully, it'll be possible to add this in.
@colinkiama Another feedback. An issue which I really face in every tool, allow multiple trims in one go. For example, in a 10 minute audio file, I would want to keep the audio from 1:30-6:00 and 6:20-8:00, the final output should be the combination of these 2 trims. This might get complicated, hence the UI should be really intuitive to pull this off according to me.