Audio Test Kitchen

Compare the audio of over 300 microphones.

Compare the audio of over 300 microphones on a variety of audio sources, from guitars to drums to vocals. Test them blindly to get rid of bias. Created in partnership with 65 manufacturers to be reliable, standardized, and trustworthy representations. 🎀🎸πŸ₯
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Buying a microphone can be a gamble. Some microphones work great on certain instruments and fail completely on others. Some have extra highs or deeper lows. Some microphones can be several thousand dollars and be outperformed by microphones of just a few hundred dollars. πŸ‘€ As a musician and producer, one of the most annoying things is being unable to walk into a music store and try different microphones. Even audio samples found on YouTube are extremely inconsistent. Audio Test Kitchen fixes that by providing a perfect environment to compare microphone audio. They created this project in conjunction with a ton of respected brands. It looks like they have plans to move onto pedals, guitar amps, and much more! I'm personally excited to see where they take this. 🎸
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Would you use Audio Test Kitchen for deciding on your next microphone?
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@brendanciccone I do all my recording on mobile devices so not yet but can't wait until the tool is available on mobile. I do most of my recording while walking and talking outside so very excited for the opportunity to see what may work for me.
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