Audio Lesson Generator

Audio lessons in your own voice. Hands-free SRS.

Audio Lesson Generator is an android app that creates audio lessons for drilling a series of questions and answers in to your long-term memory. It uses a similar graduated recall interval formula as the long-proven Pimsleur language lessons. You record your voice asking a question and then record the answer and the app creates audio drills.

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I made Audio Lesson Generator because I loved the Pimsleur audio lessons for learning beginning Mandarin Chinese, but now I need to take my vocabulary from intermediate to advanced. I'm able to use "flashcards" while driving to work but I keep my hands on the wheel. For example, the app says: "How do you say Android?". I then say "·ānzhuó". I don't have to tell the app if I got the answer right while I'm driving. It lets you do that later. I'm learning vocab a lot faster now because I use my wasted moments. I can even learn in the shower!
"Audio lessons in your own voice" I definitely don't want to hear my own voice. 😆
@rrhoover You can record a friend if you want. 👭