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Over 250,000 royalty free music & sound effects for videos

Audio Hero is dedicated to providing high-quality audio that will fit anyone's budget. We have more than 250,000 professional tracks of royalty free music, sound effects and production elements. Subscribe by the month for as little as $9.99 for 50 downloads to use in any production. Audio Hero is here to save your productions.

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@kwdinc Kevin, we can’t thank you enough for hunting Audio Hero! We would love to help everyone of Product Hunt with some free downloads! Please place “ProductHunt” in the promotional code area on the pricing page when signing up and receive 5 free downloads!
Hi @craignimens. I am entering the Product Hunt promo code after signing up & I receive the following: This code exists, but is malformed. Please contact whomever gave it to you. Can you help?
Hi @ghundermark, I just checked the promotional code, and it seems to be active. Could you try again? If you keep having issues you can contact me at
My apologies, @craignimens. I had a space between Product & Hunt.
No problem @ghundermark ! Hope you get great use from our catalog.
Cool site. Found some really nice skating sounds for my hockey podcast. Any coupon codes for product hunters?
Thank you Ayodele! Please place “ProductHunt” in the promotional code area on the pricing page when signing up and receive 5 free downloads!
@defonicaudio you are welcome!
@craignimens Thanks a lot Craig! :)
Hi Craig, really dig Sonic Search feature! It's such a fantastic idea! Can musical artists begin offering their music via Audio Hero? Or will that be something available in the future? And how did you achieve your current catalog of sounds/music?
@muller_adam Hi Adam, thank you for the review! We are currently accepting new music for Audio Hero. We ask that you send your music to We have achieved are catalog over many years composing and recording.
@audiohero @craignimens That's so great, I'll let my musician friends know as well! Is there a specific format/structure/guidelines for the email to make it easier for your team (i.e. link to stream online, dropbox download link, etc.). Also, any specific genre or style you're really focused on right now for your catalog? ( I love how much country you have available!)
@muller_adam Sounds great Adam, I will put you in touch with our development team. What would be the best way to contact you?
@craignimens perfect! Email works great: Thank you, Craig!

For musical artists there isn't any handles for those interested in selling their music for people to buy. That would be cool. Might be good to have in FAQ.


small monthly subscription is available. Sonic Search feature is rad.


doesn't seem to be platform for artists to begin offering/selling their music