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The music manager for collectors and professionals

Hey, I'm Ben, indie developer behind
Apple announced they're killing iTunes. But collectors and music professionals still work with large libraries of music files.
Audio is the music manager the Mac deserves.
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Ben’s a great developer and I’m confident he can deliver on this, looking forward to seeing the project come to life!
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Hey, thanks for checking out the page. What features have you always wished iTunes had?
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Great work! Where do you see this fitting in the landscape of increasingly stream-dominated services? Is the market still big enough for people who keep local copies of music?
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@neilcocker Hey Neil, right now there is room for collectors with large file based collections, perhaps imported from CD or vinyl who value *owning music*, not just renting it from a service like Apple Music. Beyond that the music that ends up on streaming services still has be made, and the business of making music is still file dominated. With the music industry growing once again I see a real space for a professional music manager.
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I saw your Reddit post and ended up here. I'm not a professional in this field but I currently use iTunes to organise my digital music library for DJing. I would love a replacement, and these are the main things that would be important to me: Smart playlists - one of main reasons I still use iTunes. The rules/operators/fields available are still better than most so when you have everything tagged correctly you have lists that are updating automatically. Decent tag editing - I currently use a third party app to bulk edit/correct/retrieve metadata etc. I could keep doing that but if it was easier in the app directly that would be a bonus. iTunes XML - this is a big reason I still use iTunes, because DJ software like Serato can read it and display your playlists as crates within it. I could do everything in Serato directly but that would make switching very difficult if I wanted to. Any possibility simulating the format of that file could be considered as an output? iOS - ability to sync playlists to my phone for listening on the go to potential sets etc would be very useful. I think you said that would be one of your stretch goals. No idea how helpful any of that is but it's what I would want!
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@william_attwooll +1 with iTunes XML. I was reading on DougScripts that the new Music app on MacOS doesn't appear to have an automatically updating library XML file, which could make it hard for integration with Serato\Traktor etc unless they've thought of a newer way to do it.
@bradular I wonder if that means all bets are off and Serato will need to implement some alternative that isn't so iTunes focused. Could be interesting anyway.
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Brilliant - can't wait to see this in action!