Hollywood Produced Audiobooks for Movies and Shows

Audie lets you stream your favorite movies and shows as audiobooks so you can watch more without being tied to your screen. With Audie, you can listen to "Friends" while you drive or reminisce with "Harry Potter" at the gym. Each track has a narrator describing all the content's visuals while still hearing all the dialogue and sound effects.

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Hey! I’m Alex and I’ve spent the past 3 years building technology for people that are Deaf / HoH or Blind / Low Vision, all in the entertainment space. I realized that the audio tracks that blind people use to watch movies and TV are amazing to listen to while I drive, work out, and do anything where I can’t stare at my screen. I managed to finish 350 movies last year just by listening! The tracks are the same length as the original visual content and include ALL of the audio, plus a narrator describing what you would be seeing. They’re professionally produced by the studios. I built Audie for the general user to try so that anyone can find time to enjoy new titles and old favorites, but in a way that doesn’t keep us glued to a screen. This is just an alpha and there are thousands of tracks I’ll be making available over time. Ask me anything, I hope you enjoy it, and happy listening!
Amazing selection already, and enjoying the content a lot! The narrator makes it a lot of fun. Thanks Alex!
@stevel_sk thanks Steve! Appreciate you checking it out. Let me know if there are any movies you want to try specifically!
I love listening to these on road trips or while cooking/cleaning. Really cool.
@allie_nower glad you’ve enjoyed it so far! If you’re looking for another movie or show that’s not on there, let me know
This might be my favorite thing on Product Hunt ever!! I love the all the options and have been slaying through them during my commute! 11/10 recommend.
@maddie_wolf Thanks Maddie! Love that you've found a time to listen to some movies. Let me know if there's any you wish were on the website that aren't currently up there
@alexekoren Really want to hear the descriptions
@maddie_wolf I’ll see if I can get it!

Little confused why this hasn't been picked up by a big company like Amazon/Audible yet. It would slay.


The user experience! The fun! The options! The entertainment!


This needs to go big! Why isn't it everywhere yet???

Yea - I had the same reaction when I first found out about this. Like why is this not already a thing? Especially with podcasts and audiobooks at peak popularity. Sometimes I'd rather be watching a movie.