Hollywood Produced Audiobooks for Movies and Shows

Audie lets you stream your favorite movies and shows as audiobooks so you can watch more without being tied to your screen. With Audie, you can listen to "Friends" while you drive or reminisce with "Harry Potter" at the gym. Each track has a narrator describing all the content's visuals while still hearing all the dialogue and sound effects.

  • Pros: 

    It’s simple – Audie is fun. I got so lost in listening to 21 Jump Street that I forgot how boring some work was & was more productive.


    There’s a surprisingly large selection now, but I would love to hear docs. Like “Icarus” – that’s captivating and kind of wild.

    I want more exposure to popular movies, but also don’t want to sit and watch them all. With Audie I can go for a walk or a hike and listen instead. I’m already looking forward to “Good Will Hunting.”

    Mary-Katherine Keller has used this product for one year.
  • David West
    David WestCEO, Proscia

    Weirdly addicting, esp since you can listen at any time during the day. On any long drive it's so clutch.


    Selection is good but I agree with other comments that more documentaries would be nice. That's more of a personal taste though.

    Their tagline should be "watch movies while operating motor vehicles...legally"

    David West has used this product for one month.
Hey! I’m Alex and I’ve spent the past 3 years building technology for people that are Deaf / HoH or Blind / Low Vision, all in the entertainment space. I realized that the audio tracks that blind people use to watch movies and TV are amazing to listen to while I drive, work out, and do anything where I can’t stare at my screen. I managed to finish 350 movies last year just by listening! The tracks are the same length as the original visual content and include ALL of the audio, plus a narrator describing what you would be seeing. They’re professionally produced by the studios. I built Audie for the general user to try so that anyone can find time to enjoy new titles and old favorites, but in a way that doesn’t keep us glued to a screen. This is just an alpha and there are thousands of tracks I’ll be making available over time. Ask me anything, I hope you enjoy it, and happy listening!
Amazing selection already, and enjoying the content a lot! The narrator makes it a lot of fun. Thanks Alex!
@stevel_sk thanks Steve! Appreciate you checking it out. Let me know if there are any movies you want to try specifically!
I love listening to these on road trips or while cooking/cleaning. Really cool.
@allie_nower glad you’ve enjoyed it so far! If you’re looking for another movie or show that’s not on there, let me know
This might be my favorite thing on Product Hunt ever!! I love the all the options and have been slaying through them during my commute! 11/10 recommend.
@maddie_wolf Thanks Maddie! Love that you've found a time to listen to some movies. Let me know if there's any you wish were on the website that aren't currently up there
@alexekoren Really want to hear the descriptions
@maddie_wolf I’ll see if I can get it!
Personally, I’ve been using Audie to get positively distracted – I get lost listening and forget that what I’m working on is monotonous or boring. That said, this would be AWESOME in hospital radiology departments. Children’s hospitals especially are into painting murals on walls to create environments that are less intimidating and may even allow for patients to listen to music during imaging. Murals are neat, but it’s hard to forget you’re under some massive piece of equipment. Music can be calming, but unless you are super into whatever you first pick it can be hard to be distracted by music. Neither of those things are nearly as immersive as listening to a movie or a show. Audie’s content also has valuable narration that adds necessary context to the listener. In this way, it’s better than simply listening to a show playing on tv.
@mary_katherine_keller that’s so awesome Mary-Katherine! It’s funny you bring that up since I literally just finished a Harry Potter while at a dentist appointment. Totally helped me take my mind off of everything and I can imagine how helpful it would be with an MRI
@alexekoren ah! The dentist! I didn’t even think of that! I’ll totally do that when I see mine on Friday🎉👍🏻