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Warby Parker of fine jewelry

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Hmm, I think they missed the point of the affordability of WP
"A book for your look. For every piece of jewelry sold, we give a schoolbook to a child in need." Not sure what it is, but this hits me wayyyyy too arrogantly. Reading the "Real Giving" section helps a little. I understand the intent, and perhaps it's because I personally place virtually zero value on school books considering the way technology is moving, but isn't there maybe something *else* we could match a diamond necklace with? It just hits me as condescending and weird; sort've reminds me of the beauty queen who suggested everyone in the developing world should have maps. Tom's / Warby seems like they're matching something more impactful. And I have to imagine the margin premiums are higher here, considering the clientele. All that said, this is a complete gut reaction; I hope it's constructive and helps in your journey because I generally support every attempt at conscious business! ๐Ÿ™Œ
Really tough space. Tiffany dominates in the fine jewelry market, but the sector as a whole has been really flat for years.