JS plugin to make AppleTV icons on the web super easy.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2015
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Hey! So i'm almost done with me AppleTV app.. and I wanted to make a super awesome website for it that makes use of the new 3D icon UI that Apple introduced on the new AppleTVs... so I made a plain javascript plugin for doing just that! Its super easy to use and the github repo has a super in-depth explanation and video on how to use it. Hopefully you all use it for your AppleTV app websites! enjoy!
@drewwilson what's the difference between this and the LSR program that apple gives you?
@drewwilson Hey, thank you for mentioning our tutorial!
I couldn't get the explanation video to upload here ... so here is a link to it:
Perfect! Thanks for sharing this!