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We created Attuned to help entrepreneurs, fast growing startups & new managers get a handle on keeping diverse teams motivated & achieving. Attuned uses psychology & AI to assess team member’s motivators & provides detailed personal reports chock full of insights!

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AngiePro@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Hi, what inspired you to build Attuned? Can you also give us an example of how the combination of psychology and AI give insight into the key motivators of a team? I like your product and I can imagine it can also be useful to companies that merged with a team culture shift as a result.
Kelly KikuchiMaker@kelly_kikuchi · Marketing Manager, Attuned
@angeliquesocial Hi, thank you. Actually, we were inspired by our own suffering. Our parent company is also a startup and had lots of retention issues. That kind of set us out on our HR tech mission to solve it. Our psychologists helped us to devise the assessment so that we could accurately measure motivators on an individual basis-- our machine-learning gets 'fed' with each new assessment, and each person is ranked in a percentile against the pool of all other previously assessed profiles.
Kelly KikuchiMaker@kelly_kikuchi · Marketing Manager, Attuned
@angeliquesocial so then you get a team culture map, like in the second picture above, where you can see the whole team, and individual reports, like in the third pic. As a manager, it gives you a much more effective angle on how to tackle an issue with productivity or attitude or engagement in general.
AngiePro@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
@kelly_kikuchi thats sounds great. I know two companies that are going to merge. I will let them know of Attuned as one of the main focus points are team culture and team fit. Thanks for your explanation and congrats on the launch!
Kelly KikuchiMaker@kelly_kikuchi · Marketing Manager, Attuned
@angeliquesocial That's so awesome!!! Thank you for your support :)
Rochelle Kopp@rochellekopp · Co-Author, Valley Speak
Want to congratulate Attuned for being on Product Hunt! Also will mention that the team behind Valley Speak is providing management training seminars and teambuilding sessions based on the Attuned assessments, in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Email me at rochelle @ for more info!
Emily NiemannMaker@emilyniemann · marketing
@rochellekopp Thank you, Rochelle! We really believe that getting to know yourself and your team members goes far when fostering and maintaining a very diverse yet motivating work environment for all!
Shane Howard@shane_howard
Any thoughts on how to use the initial survey report in one on ones with the employee?
Kelly KikuchiMaker@kelly_kikuchi · Marketing Manager, Attuned
@shane_howard Hi Shane, thanks for reaching out. That initial survey report can really reframe just about everything. Let's use Leah's report in the picture above and say we were about to set a longer term task for her. Keeping in mind that status and competition are key motivators for her, we might want to emphasize how completing the task would bring her closer to promotion, or set the same task to a few employees and track progress closely and visibly. Conversely, we would want to take care in setting out some kind framework for her to work within-- she prefers feedback and autonomy doesn't add anything to her engagement experience.
Casey WahlMaker@redbrickventure · Founder/CEO of Wahl & Case
@shane_howard Hi Shane. Great question. In addition to what Kelly said, the initial survey will give you insights on the employees intrinsic motivation. That in itself is helpful. But more value (I believe) comes on the motivation dashboard when you have your whole team on there. If you look at that, have both yourself and the employee on there too, you can see gaps in your motivations. Those gaps, especially if yours are significantly lower in certain areas, will be your blind spots. Those will be the areas you probably don't give enough for what that employee's intrinsic motivations need. By seeing that team dashboard of motivations, checking it before a 1-on-1, you'll know what language to use, what topics to focus on, to keep that particular employee motivated
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan
nice tool
Kelly KikuchiMaker@kelly_kikuchi · Marketing Manager, Attuned
@babken_karapetyan Thanks! Much appreciated!
Nisha Shah@nishashah11 · Grounds Maintenance Worker at Nutri G
Looks exciting. Found the product pretty innovative and excellent for morale boosting.
Emily NiemannMaker@emilyniemann · marketing
@nishashah11 Thanks for the awesome feedback! Please do let us know if you have any further questions :)