Attentive for Slack

Slack chat bot that feeds you sales and market intelligence

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Daniel Araújo
Daniel AraújoMaker@danielattentive · CEO & Founder,
Hi everyone, Daniel here, CEO of Here's why we're really excited about Attentive's slack integration: * You can instantly follow companies you care about - just type @ attentive follow < company > * If you need instant context about a company, try @ attentive search < company > We're constantly adding more sources to make sure we cover more and more sectors. If we're missing something important just let me know! We have great plans for the bot - more company context instead of just news, user settings and a few other goodies. Check out our blog post for additional details: Happy to reply to any comments or to get feedback for the fantastic PH community :)
Inês Silva
Inês Silva@isss111 · Entrepreneurship | Future of Work
@danielattentive This is awesome Daniel. Congratulations on being hunted! Which are your best use cases?!
Daniel Araújo
Daniel AraújoMaker@danielattentive · CEO & Founder,
Thanks @isss111! Here are a couple of use cases: If you're a startup, you should follow your competitors, investors and maybe partners If you're a VC, you should follow the startups you invested in and the ones you're talking to If you're none of the above, I'd still use it to follow companies I care about - adding companies takes 1 second and you only get one notification per hour, from 9AM to 6PM, so no spam :)
Alex Benzer
Alex BenzerHunter@abenzer · Co-founder @
While this Slack bot is still in its early days, I was quickly impressed with its utility. Attentive lets you follow people and companies and gives you Newsle-style updates, but more robust and right in Slack where you can share and discuss them with your team. This seems especially useful for salespeople that want to monitor leads or specific decision-makers, but I could also see it being used by founders for competitive intelligence, financing news, market analysis, recruiting...
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis@workstationw · PM--Dave's Office Installations
This has the potential to be a huge timesaver We're in the process of raising a round right now and want to incorporate this bot into our process.
Daniel Araújo
Daniel AraújoMaker@danielattentive · CEO & Founder,
Hi @workstationw, thanks for your feedback. Glad you see our potential - let me know if I can help to set it up at Would love to get your feedback after a few days of use!
Jake Cohn
Jake CohnHiring@leftearpod · Founder & CEO @ And Chill
Cool bot, and more importantly, very relevant. The more you can pinpoint what's most important about the company in a single window (and down the line most important for the individual user), the better this will become.
Daniel Araújo
Daniel AraújoMaker@danielattentive · CEO & Founder,
@leftearpod, thanks! We're absolutely adding more details about companies to make it more relevant and personalized (connected to a CRM, for example).
Walter Palma
Walter Palma@walterpalma · Investment Director, Caixa Capital
Daniel, Congrats on launching the Attentive for Slack. Very useful indeed!