Attentive 2.0

The proactive sales tool, using slack to update hubspot CRM

Attentive is your proactive sales assistant, directly on Slack, that allows you to update your HubSpot CRM without even opening it. Our bot gives your team useful information on deals and ensures your pipeline is always up to date, with minimum effort.

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
Did you know a salesperson spends up to 1/3 of their time on administrative tasks? Attentive is a great solution for sales teams by allowing the teams to update HubSpot directly on Slack. Attentive is the "middle man", ensuring information is right where it should be: wherever salespeople are. This tool also has benefits for sales managers - not only because sales teams are happier with less fuss, but especially because it increases data quality (and quantity). And better data translates to better reports.
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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Nice @danielattentive whats new since the last launch?
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Hi @aaronoleary , Since the last launch we've redesigned our product completely, since we figured we could do much more for sales teams. We made Attentive much more proactive and helpful for salespeople, since it now allows them to interact with their HubSpot CRM directly on Slack, keeping their pipeline up to date. Instead of just following companies or gathering info, Attentive now allows sales team to input data into the CRM wherever they are, via Slack, such as creating deals, adding missing information or searching for deals and sharing them with teammates. Hope this helps :) Cheers!
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Henrique Cruz
Product @dashdash
Great tool to improve sales productive all without having to leave your go-to business app! Congrats @danielattentive
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@danielattentive @henrique_cruz Thanks so much for your support and feedback, @henrique_cruz !
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