AI bot for personalized sales intelligence

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Attentive is like Newsle plus a personal assistant. The product lets you easily follow people and companies, and delivers personalized insights right into your Slack or email. While the AI component is still nascent, Attentive is valuable to anyone trying to keep track of a long list of customers, leads, or competitors. This seems especially useful for salespeople that want to monitor leads or specific decision-makers, but I could also see it being used by founders or industry analysts for competitive intelligence, financing news, market trends, and recruiting.
Hi everyone - Daniel here, CEO of Attentive. Happy to answer any questions you might have about our product or our integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive or Fullcontact! Warren, thanks so much for the hunt :)
@danielattentive maybe you can share an example use case that you think illustrates the power of the product?
@wwshaef Absolutely! If your team has a sales pipeline that uses Salesforce, Hubspot or Pipedrive (others coming soon), you can connect Attentive to that pipeline and it'll ping you on Slack when something relevant happened to one of the companies' on the pipeline - like when they get investment, hired a new CMO or launched a new product.