Attentiv 2.0

Simple collaboration with upvotes, polls and anonymity

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Anything that makes meetings more meaningful gets a big thumbs up from me. Love that you can still give feedback with anonymity if you wish.
Thanks @mubashariqbal, happy to be hunted! We got some amazing feedback after our 1.0 launch from the Product Hunt community and from cool companies like Procter & Gamble. We took it all and made Attentiv 2.0. People loved our discussion stream and the anonymous feedback features in Attentiv 1.0, but didn't like building out an agenda or planning questions beforehand. We got rid of that preparation process, streamlined the tool, and then added some sweet features. We added upvotes to help surface the best ideas and threaded comments to keep things organized. You can now toggle anonymity on/off. Now instead of just using Attentiv for meetings, you can use it all day for asynchronous communication and collaboration. Feedback from our 2.0 Beta users has been through-the-roof positive so I hope you like it!
How does a product like this work with something like Slack; does it augment Slack? Aim to replace it? Working in a Startup; another issue we run into is making sure people are able to leave feedback about something without dominating the conversation (Too many chefs). When you've got strong personalities (thinking of myself), it's too easy for one person to dominate the conversation; especially in a distributed team. What sort of tools does Attentiv 2.0 have to handle these sorts of issues?
@gortok There's definitely some overlap between Slack and Attentiv as far as "chatting" goes. Slack is geared towards being the center of notifications and communication with all of their integrations. Attentiv is geared towards decision-making and collaboration. We've seen some teams use both at once, but there definitely is some overlap. Attentiv keeps people from dominating the conversation in a few ways. First, with polls, everyone just gets one response so people all get an equal voice. Second, with upvotes, even if someone is flooding the conversation with comments, the most upvoted ideas grab the most attention. That way the best ideas stand out from the pack. Anonymity also helps because people who tend to be more introverted or shy can get their voice out there when they normally wouldn't in person.