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Love it! I wish we didn't need to have anonymous feedback - but until a time when more people in more organisations feel less fear, Attentiv sounds like a great alternative. We would love to collaborate with you to bring some of your goodness to our users when we get there. Love PH for letting collaborations emerge!
@mhsutton Thanks! It's so true - I wish people could always share how they feel without fear of criticism or retribution, but I agree that groups like that are hard to come by. Most of the organizations I've worked for (or even my classes when I was in college) have a problem where most people aren't willing to share their mind. Or sometimes the problem is that introverts' good ideas don't get on the table or that extroverts take up all of the talking time (I'm guilty of this). One of our users told us the other day that some of their best ideas come from the quietest people now that those people can just type what they think to the group. Keep in touch!
I built Attentiv after an incredibly exasperating consulting meeting. We could see that tired, old ideas were ruining a business and the yes-men in the room wouldn't stop it (you can read the full story here: I wanted to build something where ideas could flourish on their own, regardless of who presented them. Better interactions would lead to better decisions, better meetings, and more success. Thus, Attentiv was born. Real-time, anonymous feedback and discussions tracked and automatically compiled into minutes reports. Our users have shorter meeting times, better communication, and more productivity. We've reduced the cost of our plans by 40-50% exclusively for ProductHunters - let me know what you think!
@dnlrussell Nice idea! Could be especially powerful in top-down Asian, Confucion-cultures. Not sure though how management will react on this as it might be a threat to their hierarchical way of dealing with things. Any ideas on how to best sell this to them?
@pieterpaul Thank you! And great question - what we've seen with our initial users is that management from old school organizations really like using Attentiv as a way to "get everyone onboard" together. Because people can talk things through in an anonymous environment, they're more candid with whether or not they like something - so usually the idea that most of the people truly like is the one that gets the focus. They've also really liked it for hiring and employee reviews because the hiring/reviewing team can all vote and give feedback simultaneously so they get things done a little faster
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