Attention Shifting

A transformational hypnosis app for personal development

The Attention Shifting app is a personal development resource with audio programs based upon NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, meditation techniques, binaural beats, brainwave frequencies, and guided imagery and visualization to help the listener experience healing, direction, purposefulness and personal transformation.

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Anthony Recenello
Anthony Recenello@arecenello · Dating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden
Second hypnosis app I’ve seen so far. Looks like hypnosis is going to be the next thing. That’s my guess.
Michael J. Emery
Michael J. EmeryMaker@michael_james3 · Personal Development, Hypnosis and NLP
@arecenello Definitely... Scientific evidence about mindfulness, state management and peak performance keeps being released. Many successful people realize that managing one's inner game is a critical factor in any endeavor.