AttendanceBot 2.0

Time & attendance tracking for distributed teams

AttendanceBot can be summed up as the one bot to rule absence management, time tracking and employee shift planning.

  • Pros: 

    Quick to integrate


    None as of now

    Slack has become an integral messaging tool gradually reducing the burden from emails. With add ons like attendancebot it becomes super easy to manage logging in and out of work, apply for leaves and track the data in one place.

    Shafique Gajdhar has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Seamless integration


    Not encountered any cons yet

    It simplifies and streamlines things, especially with regards to office communication and administration.

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Great idea. In a previous role I managed a large team -- that means a lot of time off, a lot of 'working from home', and a couple offices across the globe. Plus I practically lived in Slack, so having it all in one place is great. My team now isn't nearly as large, but still going to give it a whirl!
@graham_collins We are also big fans of Slack and never liked the idea of stepping out of it into another tool (or worse use emails to ask for leave). I am sure even as a small company you would love the calendar integration and daily announcements feature. Do try.
Congrats! We are a remote team and use AttendanceBot as the absence management tool. It allows our team members to check-in/out multiple times in one day, and is really easy to use on Slack.
@hlb Thanks for the shoutout :)
Thanks Kevin for hunting us. AttendanceBot ia a absence management and time tracking solution designed with ease of use in mind. You dont need to install a new app or log into a new software since AttendanceBot works right inside your favorite instant messenger - Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams. AttendanceBot encourages transparency and acountability in the team by integrating with your calendar and doing daily announcements of who is on leave or working remotely. You can see a live stream of the folks who work hourly, as they clock in and out during the day. All this packed by a robust dashboard that shows analytics, pulls up reports as well as allows you to fine tune AttendanceBot to your needs.
What's new in this update?
@aaronoleary Lots of things actually. * Dashboard - Visualize analytics and reporting data * Advanced Quotas - Define custom leave types and define how people accrue the leaves based on their location or tenure. * Multi-level Approvals - Define on a per leave basis whether it needs an expclicit approval from manager or if its auto-approved * Rostering - Create shifts for the hourly members of the company * Overtime - overtime rules that work across the 50 US states and most EU jurisdictions * Zapier Integration - Send the leave and time tracking data into external apps via zapier * Real time shift management - Know who is running late for their shift and reassign shifts on the fly * Calendar integration with Google and Outlook calendar * Company Holidays and Company events * Notifications and announcements on channels - All relevant teams get daily notifications about who is on leave or working remotely. This can be configured differently for different teams. * Birthday and work anniversary announcements * More robust reports including exporting them as excel files
Congrats on being hunted!!! Curious to know how it tracks checkin for different location offices, is it something related to office IP?