Powerful yet simple time and vacation tracking in Slack

Hi folks! AttendanceBot is an attempt to bring basic leave management to Slack. You don't need any external integration for it to work. Just add AB to your team and tell it 'on leave tomorrow' like you would tell a co-worker and it will take care of the rest (which is recording it and making it available for everyone to see). It incorporates basic manager approvals as well and gives you a smart summarised view along with raw csv data. It can also give you an ics so you add that as a source to your existing calendars to have it all synced-up. For product hunt community we would love to give an extended 30 day trial of AB. Happy to take any questions/feedback.
@dillisingh This is super convenient, great job guys!
@vishu17 Thanks Vishu. Do try out the calendar sync feature so you can view the leave statuses of everyone in your team in your favourite calendar app.
@dillisingh This looks like a very useful product. Great work. While notifying the bot about leaves, does it use NLP or there a strict syntax for time formats? WFH and calendar sync are surely killer features.
@jaipandya Thanks Jai! No AB doesn't use NLP yet. It looks for dates and keywords alone. We've tested it with tonnes of our own data and found it to be working fine. However with text parsing there's always a possibility of errors, which is why there is a confirmation piece along with 'undo' built in, that protects users from erroneous logging.
@dillisingh @jaipandya I think its smart to start with dates and keywords right away. And really, in most cases, I believe having human intervention after any (intelligent or straightforward) text parsing does push the experience in a positive direction.