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CWilson@cmwilson15 · Indie Developer, Follow The Circle
I like the attention being brought to this market, as this is something I definitely look into with the apps that I build and need testing for. I'm curious as to what makes you different from one of the industry leaders
Anastasia Platonova
Anastasia PlatonovaMaker@anastasia_platonova · Founder, ATryBox
@cmwilson15 Thanks for your comment and interest! We built our platform to differentiate from in a few ways: - You can pick any tester you want and invite him/her directly, not just general demographics. And we have 100+ filters to do so! - You can easily invite any tester for onsite meetings (very relevant for NYC and Bay Area startups) and phone intervies. We have video recordings (online usability tests too), the same way as, but we do want to differentiate by the offline testing recruitment because it's much more critical in product development - Pricing model - since we pay most of the price we charge to the testers and we don't require testers be always online to get invitations, we're able to recruit high-profile testers who have full-time job and not only looking for extra cash in every place Thanks again!
Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @
I've been using this kind of platform for a while now and yours looks really well made! Do you have testers from other countries too?
Anastasia Platonova
Anastasia PlatonovaMaker@anastasia_platonova · Founder, ATryBox
@cassandra_beaulieu Thanks Cassandra! Testers are currently only the US, but company who performs User Testing can be from any country. How often do you need testers from different countries?
Anastasia Platonova
Anastasia PlatonovaMaker@anastasia_platonova · Founder, ATryBox
Hello! I'm a founder of ATryBox. Being a Product Manager, I know that User Testing is one of the most critical parts of product development. Unfortunately, despite of the the best practices and ton Lean literature, it's still often being skipped by many of us. Some skip it because think that their idea/product is 100% great, but others skip it just because it's hard and time-consuming to organize. Existing solutions make it easy for remote unmoderated user testing, but it's the last step of the user testing. Identifying usability issues is critical for every product, but it comes after validation of concept, problems you're trying to solve, meaning of these problems to your potential customers and defining the MVP. We want to make this critical user testing process easy and connect founders, product managers and CX experts to people who're ready participate in onsite and remote user testing studies: personal onsite meetings, phone interviews, online usability testing, survey and help with choice (such as name, logo, design, etc.). In our marketplace we make pricing affordable for the businesses and compelling for people who participate in the user testing so we can recruit high-profile testers. We automate payments, surveys, online usability testing and messages to make end-to-end process easy for everyone. If you're building a product and need some user testing, we're here to help with every step and open to any feedback!
Adam Pokornicky
Adam Pokornicky@callmethebear · Managing Partner, Cryptochain Capital
As a founder, I'd be interested in user testing similar products in or around what I'm doing. Do you offer the ability for me to user test and maybe earn credits that can be applied to pay for users to test my own products?
Anastasia Platonova
Anastasia PlatonovaMaker@anastasia_platonova · Founder, ATryBox
@callmethebear we don't have credits system currently, just because it's not clear how many founders/product managers will want to do both, however, if you get invited to the testing you'll get paid and can use those money as you wish.