AI bot that finds your code buddy in Slack

Atori is an artificial intelligence bot that helps you solve your code-related task, by connecting you with the right knowledge person in your community based on their skillset, area of expertise and availability.

Write her: I need help, Who can help me, or Find someone who can help me, or just Hi and she will take it from there.

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We are super stoked to finally launch Atori on ProductHunt!πŸš€ @Vee_lesyk and I decided to create Atori because we were tired of getting stuck every time we couldn't solve a coding issue. While Stack Overflow can be helpful it is often not sufficient, and you can wait days for a reply. With Atori you can get instant help with a coding issue from a helpful peer or colleague in Slack. Describe your issue to Atori and she will locate someone in the community who can help you. Atori will notify the right person of your request, and when they approve you will get a message. Be sure to check out for more information and installation link. Also, follow @Atori on Twitter where she updates on what's happening: Thanks! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ