Practice UX and whiteboarding interviews for designers

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Hey ProductHunt, It has been exactly 1 month since I launched YC-Careers and got to the top of PH. This week I’m excited to launch AtomSpace. I wanted to give you guys a chance to try it out first since time slots are limited. AtomSpace is a service that helps designers prepare for every step of the design job application process with offline resume and portfolio reviews, mock design interviews, and mock whiteboard interviews. I built this project because in the process of helping my product designer friend in her job search, I realized that mock interviews are extremely helpful. There are tons of solutions out there for software engineers but not many for designers. So far I’ve been testing by reaching out to designers personally and signing them up to mock interviews. The interviews and offline resume/portfolio reviews have been going well so far. Here is a sample feedback report from a mock interview I did yesterday Best, Jonathan
@jonathanzwhite it's a good idea, I was interviewing at any random company just for practice last year, so something like this could have saved me time applying for those interviews in the first place. 'How to interview engineers/designers' for HR would be good too
@graeme_fulton That's great to hear! The feedback I've gotten from early adopter customers voiced similar sentiments. Even when you interview with a company, most will not provide you feedback so you won't know how to improve.
@jonathanzwhite helped me refine answers and taught me how to think more on my feet for questions I don’t expect 👌 Excited to see where this goes!