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Smart editing tool that adapts your writing to your audience

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I really like this kind of products that help us be better writers. @BradleySilver what's the story behind it? What's the team's background?
Hello Product Hunters! We’re extremely excited to see AtomicWriter on Product Hunt! We wanted to give a big thanks to @gregoiregilbert for being an amazing supporter and for getting us here. The Atomic Reach Team has been working on AtomicWriter since 2013. We’re a group of people who love to read and wanted to help the writers of the world. We are committed to quality content. High quality content is not just important for driving audience engagement, it impacts all facets of business performance and one key example is in Search and Discovery.The very first sentence on Google’s page titled, Steps to A Google Friendly Site reads, “provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do.” Over 2 years of research, we set out to help writers (including ourselves!) produce high quality content. We found that digital audiences read differently. Shorter paragraphs, catchy titles, sentence readability and more, are all crucial elements that impact the success of online articles. That’s why AtomicWriter was born. We built the first editing tool that adapts your writing to your audience so that your articles will get read. It is a smart editing tool that learns your audience’s reading behaviour and gives you tips to improve your writing. AtomicWriter (paired with AtomicInsights) is the only platform that shows you how edits affect your content performance and keep your readers engaged. Have a burning question, feedback, comment or otherwise? Our browsers are open, phones set to notifications, emails and social media channels ready. We can’t wait to get to know the Product Hunt community! We will respond to all your comments. For the Product Hunt community, we are offering a whopping 50% off our monthly packages!
I love AtomicWriter — A product that can actually help you target your specific audience better? Heck yes — I'm in! And I've found that AtomicWriter is smart, too. Bottom line is that I use AtomicWriter and take the suggestions it gives me to create better content. I look forward to this team's success and can't wait to see what they come up with next!
@wendykkelly Thanks so much for your review and encouraging words! You've really been an amazing AtomicWriter follower/user/fan. We've got tons of things in store for the future, so fingers crossed that all goes well.