ATOMIC by Design

A STEM-focused fashion line & community for curious girls

ATOMIC by Design is a clothing line and community for girls and women who aren't afraid to wear their smarts on their sleeve. They produce bold shirts, dresses, and accessories centered around the 118 atomic elements. ATOMIC squad lets curious girls find their tribe, with live chats with female scientists and monthly science project ideas.

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Hey everyone — most of us on Product Hunt are passionate about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and we've had a chance to cultivate that interest since childhood. But often, the messages society sends is that science is for boys, not girls. That's what ATOMIC by Design is trying to fix - with really cool clothing around different elements that girls and women of all ages can be proud to show off (and explain the science behind), and an online community where they can connect and building their passion and identity STEM.
Seems to be a brilliant idea. Starting a business focused on mixed-race women and this seems to be a source of inspiration.
Thanks for hunting @jasonshen! After creating Beyond Curie, I saw the collective power that emerges when a community forms. We need all the collective firepower we can get to encourage young women to pursue STEM fields. That's why ATOMIC by Design is focused on creating a community for curious girls who own their individuality! Let's continue to create a world where girls are empowered to pursue their passion for STEM.