Atom v1.0

The modern & hackable text editor from GitHub

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Even at 1.0, Atom feels sluggish compares to Sublime Text 3. The plugin ecosystem and community around Atom seems way better than Sublime Text, but as of now it's still failing to do it's main duty for me: editing text quickly.
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@daniel_schwartz Same here, but the great news is the performance seems to be getting better. If the performance matches Sublime, I'll switch instantly.
@daniel_schwartz yeah performance continues to be a big initiative for us. There is a lot more coming up in the next few months.
@jasonbarone @daniel_schwartz same here, sublime speed...its just awesome! I do not see myself in another "slow" editor ever...ets see when sublime3 stable is launched....
@benogle hey ben, still waiting for performance improvements, how is that going? switched editor because of this, but I wanna come back
Defunkt started this back in 2008?! But building a multi-billion dollar business got in the way?! How many great ideas can the founders of Github have? Their productivity puts them in the same class as The Musk. More on topic... with the rapid pace of Atom's development I could see it eating Sublime and Textmate's lunch really, really soon. I'm nearly a convert.
if there were an award for "Best Video for an Open Source Project" this would totally win it.
Great at first look, a big improvement on the beta versions. Getting occasional downtime on package installs, e.g.
Trying it now. Good work! Hopefully the cursor performance update makes it more usable.