Personal air pollution monitor

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AtmotubeHunter@atmotube · Vera Kozyr, CEO @ Atmotube
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Stewart Rogers
Stewart Rogers@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
This is a great little product. The team behind it were good enough to bring it into our SF offices and Stephen Kleckner wrote a nice article about it ( I've personally pledged my support. For me, this is the next level of quantified self measurement, and also has a serious side. I know people that have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, for example. While you can monitor your house easily enough, you can't monitor noxious gases wherever you happen to be. Atmotube solves that problem, and cost-effectively too.
Sudha Jamthe
Sudha Jamthe@sujamthe · IoT Author & Stanford Instructor
I am tempted to pledge to get this product. Can you tell me what all typical pollutants Atmotube monitors. I am comparing with a Sensordrone which shows me monitors for CO and some gases.
AtmotubeHunter@atmotube · Vera Kozyr, CEO @ Atmotube
Thank you! Atmotube detects presence of harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide, and a wide range of VOCs, such as Acetaldehyde, Acetone, Hexanal, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, and more.
Ceaser Dansago
Ceaser Dansago@ceaser_dansago · Product expert
This is a good idea to help people live helthier!