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Hi Hunters, we're very excited to reveal ‘Atmosphere’; a new music service for brands. We connect artists and tastemakers to brands, so they can personally select the in-store music. This model is not only great for brands to strengthen their in-store experience, but it's also a new way for upcoming artists and other music collectors to earn money with curating music! Music curators maintain online playlists and we take care of the playback devices and licenses that are required to play the music in stores and restaurants. Sounds good right?
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@rolfdroge sounds great, I'm a Curator aka DJ aka God on Spotify for years now... where can I sign up? :D
@milann awesome! Did you also create this track
? 🙏 Curators can signup via:
@rolfdroge @juliangijsen Congrats on the pivot+launch. Maybe interesting to share here what made you decide on the new product/market?
@yvoschaap thanks! We kind of stumbled upon this model in 2015. One of our users was getting paid by a Coffee bar in Amsterdam (called CT Coffee & Coconuts) for curating music for their in-store experience. After some market research we decided to pivot towards this model early in 2016. We sold the idea to our first clients (Spaces, Ace & Tate and Marqt) and released the first product a couple of months later. The goal of 2016 was to build a portfolio of awesome clients and launch the new model on the 01-17-2017 at 01:17 PM (super cliché) I'm happy to tell you more, just send an email to
way to go guys!
@sabarasaba, thanks for the upvote!