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Nick Haase
Nick Haase@nickatloot · Co-founder, MaintainX
Pretty slick UI/UX. I like the flow so far. I would really like to see LinkedIn integration next. Any plans to do that soon?
Matt Crumrine
Matt CrumrineMaker@mattcrumrine
@nickatloot Thanks, Nick! We're already testing this in some of our development builds, so it could be very soon. With that said, the LinkedIn API continues to change fairly rapidly, so we're waiting to make sure we integrate it in a manner that will provide a consistent experience to our users for the foreseeable future.
Maxwell Finn
Maxwell Finn@maxwellfinn · CEO at Startup Drugz
I've been following this startup for over a year and am excited to see the app's launch. This space definitely needs some disruption. Congrats Matt and Colin!
@maxwellfinn Couldn't agree more! I've been using the same style Address Book since my Nokia flip phone!
Matt Crumrine
Matt CrumrineMaker@mattcrumrine
@govince @maxwellfinn That Motorola Startac is still top 5 phone's of all time though! ;)
Greg Gerber
Greg Gerber@gerbz · Making my dent
I'm also hesitant to try another app like this after Humin emailed EVERY PERSON I KNOW asking to confirm their contact info without my permission. Even still, I've tried lots of apps like this (Humin, Brewster, etc) and never gotten the ++value I was hoping for.
@gerbz We've taken a much different approach than lot of other companies that claim to 'modernize' the address book by aggregating all of your information automatically and connecting with all your contacts across a medley of networks. We don't think this actually fixes anything. As such, it comes as no surprise that people have been reluctant to adopt any of the so-called modern “solutions”. The address book is a simple thing with a simple goal. It’s not some artificial attempt to humanize your information. It’s not some formulaic attempt to aggregate the known universe. Your friends and family are not equations. With that said, you don't have to worry your contacts being spammed here. Hopefully you love it and do it yourself. If you do, that's all on you!
Matt Crumrine
Matt CrumrineMaker@mattcrumrine
@gerbz I hear you! Engagement can be tough with utility apps. We'll, over course, never spam your contacts. And we'll definitely never take any kind of action on your behalf. The app's you mentioned probably spammed for engagement - we only focus on building engaging features. We're the first "address book" with a complete in-app messaging tool. We don't need to spam.
Ryan Paugh
Ryan Paugh@ryanpaugh · Co-Founder & COO, CommunityCo
Nice Matt! Keep up the great work.
Matt Crumrine
Matt CrumrineMaker@mattcrumrine
@ryanpaugh Thanks, Ryan!
Jonathan Libov
Jonathan Libov@libovness · I can lift 100 lbs. right over my head
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