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Very cool. Downloading to check it out. The UI seems nice. How does it differ from other apps in this space?
@beekay__ Thanks Bilal. I would say that we differ with a vey simple UI. We also implemented "affiliation" where you can find people from E.G your college or workplace and do sport with them. Lastly we implemented a rating system, which I haven't seen any in this category have. We also have great people on board - the former NBA player Roger Mason is a part of our team for example.
@peterphilipdalgas That sounds great! Wishing you all the best.
We are proud to show ATLETO to the world. ATLETO was born out of the frustrations felt by our executive team when it came to connecting with others interested in sporting activities. Currently, everyday athletes don’t have an intuitive way to easily connect with and engage in sports and fitness activities with like minded individuals. We created a sports app to better connect everyday athletes based on interest, skill level and passion for the same activities. Users can discover other athletes of the same skill level by leveraging a ranking system of ability built into the app. By assigning others “knuckles,” users can rate their fellow athletes based on level of sportsmanship and physical capability. This allows users to engage comfortably and without fear of being outmatched. Users can either host or find sporting activities across 40 sports including basketball, cycling, tennis, running and soccer in cities worldwide including launches in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. We are bringing together everyday athletes to connect and grow their network to sport together. Check it out - we'd love to hear your feedback. For more information visit our website and download it for free on iOS. (android will be ready in a week)

Large number of users makes finding a training buddy easier.


Great idea backed by a great team


More marketing effort