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#4 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2017

Hygger helps companies not only manage the backlog, create and share beautiful roadmaps, but also to develop software using Kanban/Scrum and manage tasks of Product, Marketing, Sales, HR, and other departments.

  • Yarik
    Yarikloliful.io | yaraslav.com

    Very user friendly and fast, amazing import


    Trial period could have been somewhat bigger ;)

    Nice tool. Was amazed how easy it is to migrate from existing Trello/Jira board.

    Imported everything correctly, so the transition can be really smooth and painful.

    Yarik has used this product for one week.
  • Beth Fiedler
    Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a few PH products 🙌

    Love the board layout. Can plan and visualize releases by phase. Great tool to keep the team informed on the progress


    Missed the chance to sign up when it's free for 10 members :(

    This tool will definitely work well for PM and non-PM team members. Easy to follow and very cool!

    Would be great if I could still sign up for a free plan up to 10 members .. please 🙏🙏

    Beth Fiedler has never used this product.
Hi there! We are excited to introduce a beloved child of our team - Atlaz, a project management platform for agile teams. Some of you may know it as a “younger son of Jira and Trello marriage”. And that’s true: Atlaz is as functional as JIRA yet as simple as Trello. We created Atlaz for teams like ours - a team that has both tech and non-tech people and wants to get a complete toolbox for managing projects. The backbone of Atlaz is Kanban, Sprint, Backlog and Roadmap boards. Panoramic view of all your projects, instant communication, time tracking, reporting and much more... We got covered everything you need to to perform better, deliver faster and achieve greater results. We really appreciate your patronage and your time! Let us know if there is anything else you have suggestions on as well - we would like to make sure every experience you have with us is an A+! Regards, Mark Fedin, Atlaz Co-Founder & CEO Alexander Sergeev, Atlaz Co-Founder & CEO
@humanoit Fingers crossed for us!
Big thanks to @robjama for posting us!
I love Atlaz, I've always been a big fan of Trello and this project management platform is just as simple to use. The whole experience is really smooth, the design is modern, the features are great, the live activity stream is very useful and it's absolutely free to small teams? They're is nothing I can complain about.
@cassandra_beaulieu Thank you for sharing your experience! You are absolutely right, Atlaz is free for teams up to 5 members.
Wow, congrats! Great launch!
@sharifulin thanks a lot 🙏
Wow! Congrats with the launch! Looking forward to try it in next project.
@quser Thank you! Hope you will like it :)