Use Atlassian's end-to-end design language to create straightforward and beautiful experiences.

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If there's one thing I associate Atlassian / Jira with, it's definitely straightforward and beautiful experiences...
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@ubbedall Same! I'm not sure what this hunt actually is... as far as I can tell it's (basically) new brand guidelines for Atlassian, so that they can fix their god-awful interfaces? Any insight @megaroeny?
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@ubbedall @rossdcurrie it's something I'm sure they'll be using to start improving their UI/UX over time. There's a lot... And no not really other insight. Just a user and a big fan of design systems. I'm making one myself at work. But I'm sure they'll be updating JIRA desktop site in the near future too. The mobile app is beautiful! The Confluence site looks awesome now as well.
I esp love designer's sense of humor "Atlassian open company? Sounds bullshit!"
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@kuolldev to me it reads "open company, no bullshit"
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@kuolldev @ralphmartynward This is right. "Open company, no bullshit" is one of our values
I'm looking forward to a deep redesign of JIRA. It's the tool I use the most and now it's very cumbersome. As a customer I'm very happy of the path they are taking.

It's fair to say that a lot of designers have a dislike (or probably a fear!) of going anywhere near tools like Jira or Confluence - while everyone else in a product team will be using them.

But as an organisation it's clear that Atlassian have recognised this, and are making steps in the right direction to create better designed products. Their software is super complex so it will be a difficult task to simplify and redesign the UI across the board, but when they get there I think they might just earn some credibility with designers along the way.


It's great to see that a company like Atlassian are starting to see the importance of design and making steps in the right direction.


It would have been nice to see more reference to 'jobs to be done' rather than personas, which feel a bit stuffy.

Style "I'm in a trend" :)