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Even after having actively monitored changes and differences in the laws of every US state for most of my professional career I'm still astounded by the level of variation.  Unfortunately, except for in a few high profile cases or passage of major new legislation most people never hear about it. Whatever you think about any given law its easy to see that they're ineffective if people don't actually know what they are, and if you think the law says one thing when it really says another that can seriously ruin your day, week, month or more. There's a lot of variation, on both major and minor issues, and a lot of shockers.  ATLAS is here to minimize those shocks - we proactively let you know when laws affecting you change. Everyone's circumstances are different and we want to make sure you only see what matters to you.  No kids? Ignore child seat laws. Lead foot? Stay fully updated on speeding fines. There's laws for everything under the sun.  And not only are they always changing, how they affect you based on your situation is always changing too.  Not knowing what's up puts your rights in jeopardy.  We want to help with that!
@holznaya I travel for work (a lot) and second that opinion on the laws. Great example right now is marijuana...
this fantastic product idea tracks laws in different states. e.g. I might be able to defend my property in one state, but not in another. Track laws as you travel to different states
This is a great idea! It could even be useful globally (eventually) - I'm sure many people forget to check the laws in detail when they go travelling.
@ramykhuffash We fully intend on going global!
As the chief of policy who has to track state laws and regulations constantly, I feel this would be incredibly beneficial. How often would you make updates so the laws are current?
@michellenoth We are in the process of making new law updates fully automated so the laws are always current
Domestic legal arbitrage as a service. Would be cool to build an opportunity map on top of this (guns, weed, abortion, whatever).