Eye-opening charts and data, powered by Quartz 😳

#2 Product of the DayMay 12, 2016
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Super cool. Fun to see what comes up with keywords like Slack: Or Snapchat (@niv will appreciate this data viz):
I'm keep getting the following error message Unable to register user with current email/username
@krissavoia I'm getting this error as well.
@krissavoia @thisischribell @leachy114 Should be working fine now if you want to try registering again. Thanks!
@zseward @krissavoia @thisischribell Yep it worked, thanks! Can't wait to start creating stuff.
So many charts so little time
This is great! Question: How does licensing work on these charts? And how would licensing on charts created by users work? All public domain?
/@zseward getting the “Unable to register user with current email/username” error again…