Find live events to enjoy while stuck at home

#AtHomeStreams shares fun events you can attend from the safety of your couch. Everyone's stuck at home but luckily a ton of artists, brands, and even chefs have started hosting live events daily to helps us get through it. New events are added to the site daily and there's something for everyone.
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Hey everyone! I've been stuck at home like the rest of the world and looking for ways to get through it. Then I started seeing a lot of artists I follow hosting live concerts, classes, and events on social media. #AtHomeStreams is a way to share all of those events and help everyone find something fun to do alongside others stuck in the same situation. There are concerts, workout sessions, standup comedy, cooking tutorials, and I'm adding new events daily. If you know any interesting upcoming events feel free to submit!
Cool idea! Congrats on the launch.