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Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
Hey Hunters, I'm am the founder of AthletiQA. AthletiQA is an intelligent sports Q&A site, where athletes, experts, and fans can have intellectual discussions on the most relevant sports topics. It’s extremely unique from the other social media channels out there as It is a way for athletes to share their deep sports knowledge outside their close personal and professional circle, and really bridge the gap between their fans, who now get direct access into exclusive and inside information on the topics that are most relevant. We've already got some big names like the Clippers, Marcellus Wiley, Caron Butler, David Bingham, along with other athletes and experts, who have joined AthletiQA. I'll be hanging out on PH all day - happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Id recommend having more info on the landing page before asking people to sign up!
Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
@bentossell Thanks Ben, we have been debating that for a while, but appreciate the feedback.
Troy Ruediger@troy_ruediger · Helping shape the future of sports!
Dude @neejparikh this is awesome man! I run a sports tech slack community called Starters. We host AMA's in our community with sports tech professionals from around the industry. We have to connect, id love to learn more about what you are looking to do. Also, i'd love to get you in our slack community if you are interested. Great place to connect with other sports tech lovin folks. Check it out here: Let me know if you are interested and I can send you over an invite to join. Either way, will definitely help spread the word throughout our network. Awesome stuff. 👍
Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
@troy_ruediger Thank you so much. Just checked out and I think it's an awesome concept. Really appreciate your offer to have us join the slack community (my email is Let's definitely get connected. Feel free to shoot me a note via email and let's connect! Also, would love an invite to Thanks again.
Troy Ruediger@troy_ruediger · Helping shape the future of sports!
@neejparikh @athletiqa No problem man, just sent you an email with an invite. Looking forward to connecting.
Troy Ruediger@troy_ruediger · Helping shape the future of sports!
@neejparikh @athletiqa also, just signed up. 😊
Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
@troy_ruediger @athletiqa Thanks Troy. Got your email. Will follow up shortly.
Justin H.@jhamilt0n · Product Manager, CoachUp
We recently built a similar feature for Q&A at CoachUp. Our service connects athletes/parents with coaches for 1-on-1 or group training, but the Q&A feature can be used by anyone to get expert advice from the coaches on our platform:
Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
@jhamilt0n I like it. We would love to see if there is an opportunity for both teams to work together. As we continue to build out our network of high-profile athletes and experts, it would be great to get some of your talent on to AthletiQA and share their wealth of knowledge.
Serg@surheeho · Founder @
Pretty awesome, how did you get the athletes to sign up?
Neej ParikhMaker@neejparikh · Founder @
@surheeho We have a great network of athletes and influencers through personal and professional connections, which helped us get off the group. From there, we have really been able to leverage our value proposition for the athletes - AthletiQA is a unique platform, where athletes are able to quickly identify the most relevant topics of discussion (via our intelligent algorithm built on the feed) and can quickly answer them to capture the highest amount of eyeballs. This way they are growing their intellectual brand. By athletes now picking the topics that they are most familiar with and answering them without doing a bunch of pre-meditation (like on Player's tribune), we are able to extract great information out of them and share it with their fans, hence bridging the gap. This becomes a win-win situation for the athletes and the fans.