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Convert HTML to PDF - no frills, robust and fast.

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What's the difference between this and the Print to PDF function in Chrome? No insult intended, genuinely interested to find the value-add of this
@jamiequackers Looks like it is a container you can deploy to set up your own PDF conversion microservice. Like for your website. Looks pretty nice. Downloading to try it now right now.
@jamiequackers I believe it's a totally different use-case. The intent here is not that you print pages you've manually browed into PDFs, but rather that you automate it. A few sample use-cases that come to mind: - Allow a website to provide a "Share this article/product/page with a friend" and email them a PDF - Let your app/crawler create snapshots of pages you've found (e.g. via RSS, search) as PDF - Extract text or full page into PDF for viewing in a non-browser env, like within an app Basically anything where the PDF conversion needs to be done on a server, not a client.
@guypod Oh that's awesome - the single line spiel doesn't make that clear! Already seeing a use for this to take KB articles/Tech digest on the road on my Kindle
@jamiequackers - @guypod is totally right. There is an open source tool called wkhtmltopdf that lots of people already use for this, but it relies on some outdated components. Athena's basically a drop-in replacement.
@arachnys @jamiequackers @guypod Interesting. We're using wkhtmltopdf in our Rails app to generate PDFs. Do I need to fire up a docker in order to use Athena?
Simple and useful!! Thanks @guypod 👍
Anyway to reverse the technology and go PDF to HTML?
@chrisbuttenham by far the best tool I'm aware of is There's also a project from Mozilla, PDF.js, that actually parses and renders PDFs in the browser:
@arachnys this is great info. Thanks.
Similarly, any way to go from xml or json to html then PDF?
is the text actual text or is it an image?
I like the guy on the photos actually has a different face expression when in "Athena" mode :D