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Tanay Tandon
Tanay TandonMaker@tanay_tandon · Founder, Athelas
Hi Product Hunt! We're excited to share Athelas Screen with everyone. It uses the technology we've built for Athelas ( to bring a low-cost and rapid White Blood Cell test to your home for only $5. White Blood Cell counts are really powerful immune markers - they go up during infections, down during certain diseases, and approach really high ranges right during the onset of Leukemia and a few other malignancies. By taking a simple 2 minute test using our device every month, you can catch conditions earlier. Especially for at-risk populations (people with Down Syndrome, undergoing Chemotherapy, MDS, and other immunocompromising illnesses), this count can be life-saving. If you sign up and shoot me an email at tanay [at] , we'll make your first month's test free with no commitment for following months!
Devaki Raj
Devaki Raj@devaki_raj · Google
This will help scores of immunodeficient individuals. I am extremely thrilled to see a product at the intersection of computer vision and healthcare. What is your accuracy?
Tanay Tandon
Tanay TandonMaker@tanay_tandon · Founder, Athelas
[edited] see Deepika's comment for the same link!
Deepika Bodapati
Deepika BodapatiMaker@dpcbod
@devaki_raj Thanks Devaki! in inter-rater testing with the gold standard beckman counter, we hit 100% clinical range accuracy. You can check out more of our data here:
Nikhil Buduma
Nikhil Buduma@nkbuduma · healthcare + ai @ remedy
As someone who 's worked in clinical medicine in the past, these guys are solving an incredibly huge pain point in high risk populations. This is one of the most talented teams I've met and I'm incredibly excited for what the future has in store for them. They are approaching the space with a level of transparency ( that's a breath of fresh air for this industry. I've already bought one of their devices, but I'll be buying screen for everyone in my family.
Tanay Tandon
Tanay TandonMaker@tanay_tandon · Founder, Athelas
@nkbuduma Thanks Nikhil! looking forward to pairing up with Remedy and building that one killer experience. healthcare in 2017 will be interesting indeed.
Arush Shankar
Arush Shankar@arush_shankar
Awesome product that's paving the way for innovative combinations between Software and Bio-Tech!
Sydney Liu
Sydney Liu@sydney_liu_sl · Co-Founder of
Inspiring team, amazing product. Super proud of you guys @tanay_tandon @dpcbod excited to see this evolve!