Atento for Mac

Avoid procrastination and distractions at work

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Because know what you're doing it's as important as know what you're not doing. Take a look to our VIDEO PRESENTATION at vimeo
+ With Atento you can take a look at every moment to all apps and websites that has been opened in your computer. + Realize how much time an app or website has been in foreground and when. + Identify new apps or websites as Time Thieves and keep an eye over this apps and websites especially. Atento works with Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Google Chrome and Google Chrome Canary
@fitomad Really like the UI. Is the same as what I use RescueTime for. I do really like how you've visualized it here. Are you able to make "rules" to block certain apps/websites after X amount of time?
@mscccc Hi Mike! Actually Atento doen't block any app or website. We prefer, at this version, only show user his behavior. Thank you so much for your feedback.
@fitomad Looks like a well designed RescueTime alternative! One piece of feedback: your landing page has some multiple serious English grammar errors that makes it hard to get a full sense of the product. I'd recommend having a native speaker edit all your copy.
@philfreo Thank you for your feedback. We do it ASAP ;-)
@fitomad I'm still so confused by the copy. Do you need both Atento and Tomates for this to work? What features are Atento, and what features are Tomates? As the copy seems to confuse both of them. No clue what is going on.
So, I didn't get it. How does it actually help anyone to be less distractred or do more work?
@matveyich this could potentially become another distraction. But - I think it's supposed to be the user who says "oh I didn't realise I spent so much time on {whatever}, I'm gonna stop going there".
@matveyich I would also like to know. I don't get it. Okay, so it tracks what apps I'm using and sites I what?
@angus_halen "oh I didn't realise I spent so much time on {whatever}, I'm gonna stop going there". -- said no one, ever. I know how much time I waste on Reddit. That doesn't stop me from going there. Neither will this app.
I know it will not work but I will download it.
@alexanderisora If Atento not work I tell you how to get a refund ;-) Contact at @GetAtentoApp on Twitter
@fitomad @getatentoapp I mean not the app but the idea. The only way to kill procrastination is to kill its core reasons inside you 😇
Nice idea!
Hey cool stuff ! When is it going to be releasing for Windows Users? 😊