Atento for Mac

Avoid procrastination and distractions at work

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@fitomad · Senior Developer
Because know what you're doing it's as important as know what you're not doing. Take a look to our VIDEO PRESENTATION at vimeo https://vimeo.com/219167703 + With Atento you can take a look at every moment to all apps and websites that has been opened in your computer. + Realize how much time an app or website has been in foreground and when. + Identify … See more
Ilya M
@matveyich · Product manager of tech products
So, I didn't get it. How does it actually help anyone to be less distractred or do more work?
Alexander Isora 🌀
@alexanderisora · Phoenix Startup creator, developer
I know it will not work but I will download it.
Mike R Wilson
@mike_rwilson · Sales Manager
Nice idea!
Douglas Evaristo
@douglasevaristo · Front End
https://media4.giphy.com/media/s... Let me test this for free :)